If you’re visiting this website, you know how the industry works.

 stacked papers Any building project means a pile of paperwork. From permits to plans, safety notices to site clearances, a lot of documents have to be approved and signed off on so that a project can move forward. At the city, county, state, and federal administrative levels, pieces of paper form the bedrock of building and other heavy-duty projects. These valuable permissions, clearances, and safety statements then have to be posted visibly on every project site, ready for inspection on demand.

In fact, any job site requires that numerous documents be made available to every employee. These documents must be posted in employee spaces both interior and exterior.

Until about thirty years ago,

Construction and other job sites nationwide relied on homemade solutions for posting and storing permits, plans, and signs on site. But a serious problem dogged the industry: these stopgap methods exposed legally mandated documents—not to mention crucial plans and blueprints—to the ravages of weather and vandals. Signs ended up torn, faded, or ripped down. Permits disappeared or became illegible, and therefore useless to inspectors signing off on jobs. Plans disappeared mid-project. The result: lengthy and sometimes financially catastrophic delays in project completion while builders and contractors provided new documentation, plus the $500 to $900 expense of purchasing replacement paperwork.


In the mid-1980s,

A custom home builder started looking for a better way to post his company’s project documents on site. His aim: finding a simple, self-contained, easily installed, durable means to post plans, permits, and other paperwork so that inspectors and the appropriate employees could have easy access. When he couldn’t find it, he developed his own where any intrepid inventor would—in his garage workroom.


The Doc-Box® entered the scene in 1988.

The Doc-Box®’s creator subsequently incorporated an Ocala, Florida-based company to manufacture and market both the Original Doc-Box® and its offshoots tailored to a wide variety of worksite needs. Over the years, its details have been fine tuned for maximum performance and on-site ease of use. One thing hasn’t changed: from the beginning, every part of the Doc-Box® has been manufactured and assembled in the USA.


Builders, jobsite managers, and inspectors alike have embraced the Doc-Box® because it’s field proven to be tough, easy to use, and dependable. In fact, many site engineers and managers ask specifically that Doc-Box® be the on-site posting solution brand of choice for their projects. Having a Doc-Box on site means that inspectors know exactly where to find the permits and plans they need—with full confidence in their excellent condition and readability.

That track record of value and success led DHR Industries, Inc. to purchase the Doc-Box Company in 2009—a sign of confidence in its tremendous value and performance. Since 2009, DHR Industries, Inc. has invested cutting-edge technological and infrastructural capital into manufacturing the Doc-Box® line. DHR Industries now offers a range of Doc-Box®-related products that match the impeccable quality and practicality of the original.

Your site documents matter. Trust the Doc-Box® to keep them safe.