DHR customers appreciate the Doc-Box® and our other products for their durability, great value, and ease of use. From construction sites to the retail and corporate arenas, DHR products reliably make workplaces and job sites safer and more efficient.

Below are some thoughts from the builders, inspectors, and dealers who have worked with the various varieties of Doc-Box®—as well as our other inventory—over the years. You’ll find their perspectives practical and straightforward. We’re confident your own experience with the Doc-Box® and other DHR products will be a lot like theirs. Enjoy.

docbox “We started using The Doc-Box® a few years ago and I am thoroughly impressed with not only the great design but the professionalism it shows to all who use it and see it. We chose to have our logo embossed on it for that added touch and we are certainly NOT disappointed. We have them on all our jobs and boy do the inspectors appreciate it! It was also a great pleasure to deal with their courteous staff. They were wonderful in helping me select the product we needed and filling our orders. We highly recommend The Doc-Box®!”
- Paul R. M., Paul R. Maina Builders
“As a first time user I am pleased with the ease of set up. You fill a void between permit in hand and building under roof. Thank you.”
“I own a custom home building business in Santa Fe, NM and was having a really hard time keeping my plans and permits protected and out where the inspectors and subs could locate them. I finally found your Doc-Box® online and have never been so happy. They are so professional looking and keep everything so nice and neat. I don’t think I will ever have to replace another permit again. The inspector was impressed also. He wants all of the builders to use them. I am so glad you made such a wonderful and really needed product. I am going to order them for every job. Thank you.”
- Lisa L., Sky Dragon Construction
“Although The Doc-Box® hasn’t been up very long and it is the first time I’ve used one, it has and I feel very confident it will surpass all my expectations. Thank you!”
- Kevin S., Salsich Development
junior docbox
all-weather bulletin board “I purchased The All-Weather Bulletin Board for our condo association. We would post notices and somehow they would disappear. Using our board, our notices now stay put and they are always in good condition since the elements do not get to them. It was an excellent investment.”
- Mary G.
“We’ve been using The Junior Doc-Box® now for about 2 years and have been thoroughly impressed with the fit & function for its intended purpose. It’s inexpensive enough to use a new box at each new job and it outlasts the elements when posted in Michigan climates for 10-12 month long building projects. We mount the box to a piece of cedar 1x and then add an address number sign and a job number sign to the cedar 1x, which is then attached to a post. This is a very clean and simple look that gives all the information necessary to the 100+ people that are coming and going in the course of any new project. The box keeps the necessary documents in order for building officials, and keeps them secure and dry for the length of the project.”
- Scott R. B., David C. Bos Homes
“The Doc-Box® works better than advertised; we purchased one to see if it can help us with plan storage on the job site. Not only does it keep the plans dry but the inspectors love it. Doc-Box® gives them a place to post all there paper work and they always find a dry set of plans so we ordered a few more units for our other jobs.”
- Angelo M., AMR Builders
all-weather bulletin board
commercial docbox “We love the all-new Commercial Doc-Box®! We have had a lot of rain and the documents have stayed absolutely dry. No problems whatsoever! The hinged door on the side makes it so easy for inspectors to leave notes & post notices; absolutely great product!”
- Richard Kerr Construction
“The Doc-Box Company has been extremely easy to work with, along with the fact they make a very high-quality product. We at EngineerSupply can always recommend their product with confidence since we only seek out brands that are able to hold up to daily use within a construction environment. Doc-Box products more than satisfy the requirement!”
- Rob P., Engineer Supply
“Our customers appreciate the classic design and attractive, crisp appearance of the All-Weather Bulletin Board, especially for use around their pool and beach areas. The All-Weather Bulletin Board gives our customers an economical and efficient way to keep their residents, guests and employees informed of regulations and upcoming events. We are very pleased with the response we’ve had since introducing it to our product line.”
- Property Management Shop
“We are very proud to be an authorized dealer of The Doc-Box® products in the St. Petersburg/Tampa area for over five years. The high quality of your product is in concert with what we and our customers have come to expect from Gorman Company. Thank you DHR for providing a great product for the pool industry and would recommend your product to all our customers when it comes to storing and protecting plans and permits on site.”
- Phil, Gorman Company
commercial docbox
docbox2 "The Doc-Box® works better than advertised, we have used others and prefer it. We are thoroughly impressed with not only the great design but the professionalism it shows to all who use it and see it. We chose to have our logo embossed on it for that added touch and we are certainly NOT disappointed. We have them on all our jobs and boy do the inspectors appreciate it! It was also a great pleasure to deal with their courteous staff. They were wonderful and knowledgeable in helping me select the product we needed and filling our orders. We highly recommend The Doc-Box®!"
- Darrell F., Bonterra Builders
“The bulletin board is good value for the money.”
all-weather bulletin board
“Mobile Lumber and Millwork and Coast Design Kitchen and Bath/Grand Bay Lumber have 8 locations located in South Alabama and Northwest Florida. We service a very large majority of all of the New Construction and Custom Build Contractors in these areas and we sale all contractors The Doc Box for every house that is built.

It’s a great product to have for our customers and a product that is a necessity for the contractors for their convenience on their job sites.

DHR and Michelle Lee have always taken care of our needs and have made doing business with them easy as well as a pleasure.”
- Lee R., Mobile Store Manager
“It is perfect for what we need on our jobsite. It safely contains the essential permit documents.”
- Metro Bldr
docbox “Great item to display and hold those required documents for the building inspector. It came with all the mounting hardware. All I had to supply was the post and the screwdriver. It even came with tacks to post the permits.”
- BG
“We love our new Doc-Box stickers! Made large company logo stickers to advertise our business on the permit boxes since no signage is allowed in the communities we work in. Excellent advertising for the price. Also, thanks for your help with the artwork.”
- Alanna, Rubin Custom Homes, LLC.
“Very pleased with the overall design and construction. There have been two storms since I installed the Box for this project, and all paperwork inside stayed intact!

Pros: Durable, Sturdy, Easy to Install, Good Size & Weight.”
- Ron S.
docbox lock "Great product! Outstanding customer service!"
- Donna V., American Builders Supply
“We have been buying Doc Boxes from DHR Industries for years and have nothing but good to say about the product and the service. Keep up the good work.”
- Gordon L., Builders FirstSource
“Doc-Box has always been one of our best business partners, always ships out on time.  Products have always been received in good conditions. We have never had any issues with you.”
- Ken L., Horner Xpress
“Best in the Business!”
- Roy B., 84 Lumber
docbox and docbox2 "We have been selling the Doc-Box for well over ten years. Our customers are very satisfied with the quality. No complaints at all."
- Carl N., Blanton Building Supplier
“Great customer service from the time order is placed through delivery. Our stores logo is a great selling point with our contractors. Give them a try; you'll be glad you did.”
- Tom B., Stone's Home Centers
“Working with Doc-Box is so easy.  When I place my order for our embossed permit boxes they work with me to find the best freight or shipping options.  The permit boxes arrive in great shape because they are durable and long lasting.  Our contractors ask for it by name… ‘Doc-Box’!”
- Jeff A., ProBuild
“Excellent quality Doc-Boxes, Our Customers are very happy with them. Great Customer service. On time Deliveries”
- Bob T., Raymond Building Supply
junior docbox "Doc-Box has easy ordering and fast shipment. Our contractors love Doc-Box."
- Sue S., ProBuild
“Our clients love your All Weather Bulletin Boards.”
- Allen Display