From the Doc-Box® document posting system line to decals and signage, we’ve been manufacturing top-notch work-site storage and posting systems for decades. Customer service and satisfaction is our valued signature and tradition.


The Doc-Box®

On the Job From
Start to Finish

Job sites across the nation have something in common: they need a secure, weather-resistant container to post and protect required legal notices, permits, schedules, and project plans or other materials.

We at DHR Industries are proud to offer our customers premier job-site posting products. The Doc-Box®, the original permit posting system, proved a game changer when it debuted decades ago; our family of satisfied customers has consistently grown in the decades since. As a self-contained permit posting system, The Doc-Box® works for indoor or outdoor use—and its extreme durability makes it more economical than temporary or handmade posting boards. Field-proven, rugged, and weather-resistant, the Doc-Box® by DHR Industries, Inc. fulfills your company’s need for a posting unit in any location.

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About Doc-Box Products

The Doc-Box® is an all-in-one permit posting system that protects plans, permits, inspection schedules and other required notices on the job site... job after job!



The popularity of Doc-Box products is attributed to the fact they are weatherproof as well as tamper proof. As a result, they come handy in both indoor and outdoor conditions. Amongst the products available are the Original Doc-Box, the Junior Doc-Box, the Commercial Doc-Box, and All Weather Bulletin Board.

We use high quality HDPE for creating the main body, and polycarbonate for the windows, which makes our products weatherproof. All our products adhere to the community signage limits. The hinges too have been repeatedly tested for multiple openings and closings. Customers can add additional locking mechanism to further ensure safety of the documents. We also design shatter proof sealed windows for protection against vandals. All posting solutions can be further customized with your company name on them.

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