Curious about a product detail or dealer information? You may find just the answer you need below. If not, please contact us and we’ll gladly get you the assistance you need.

How can I create an online account with your company?

Click on the account icon () at the top right. This will direct you to the Log In page. Scroll down and click the “Register” button to create an account.

How do I place an order?

You will need to request a quote in order to place an order. If you would like to purchase from a dealer, you can visit our Dealer Zone page. To request a quote, add all the products you wish to order to the Your Items page. Click the "Request Quote" button at the top, fill in the requested information and submit your inquiry. We will email you back with an invoice within 1 to 3 business days.

How can I find a dealer near me?

Call us at 800-223- 5897 to locate your nearest dealer. We can provide you with the street address and phone number, as well as tell you which Doc-Box® models they carry.

Why do I need to go to a local dealer?

By purchasing from your local dealers, you will be able to acquire the product immediately and will save money by avoiding to pay shipping and handling charges.

What if there is not a dealer near me?

We have several online dealers from whom you can order. To find these, please visit our Dealer Zone page.

How can I get my local lumberyard to carry the Doc-Box®?

You can give them our information and ask them to contact us directly, or you can call us with the lumberyard’s name and phone number, and we will contact them for you.

Can I become a dealer?

You must have a storefront and a current state-certified resale certificate. If you have both of these, please download our Wholesale Application and Credit Application, and fax it to us along with your current resale certificate.

How can I customize my Doc-Box® with my company information?

We offer several custom options, including embossing your company name across the top, and/or custom decals of various sizes. Please view our Custom Decals and Embossing page for further information, or call us at 800-223-5897 for pricing. All decals are printed on an ultraviolet protected vinyl sticker and are guaranteed not to fade in the sun for up to three years.

What if I want my Doc-Box® to be plain on the front?

We can offer the Doc-Box® without the lot/job stamp on the front and/or without the name “Doc-Box®” embossed across the top. Please call us at 800-223- 5897 for further details.

What do I use to write on the front of my Doc-Box®?

We suggest a china marker to write on the front of the Doc-Box®.

How do I wipe the marker off the front of my Doc-Box®?

You can simply spray some WD-40 on the front of the box to wipe it clean and start over at a new jobsite.

What if I used a different type of marker on my Doc-Box® and cannot get it clean?

We offer replacement decals that stick over the front of the box for a fresh start from job to job. For further details please view the Replacement Decals page.

My Doc-Box® that is leaking. What do I do?

First and foremost, make sure the box is closed tightly. This is the number-one reason permits get wet inside the Doc-Box® which is fitted with a snap-lock closure. Next, make sure there are no other puncture marks are visible on the outside of the box. The only holes that should be on the outside of the box are the ones the manufacturer (we at DHR, Inc.) put there for mounting purposes. If you are sure that the box is closed tightly and there are no additional holes and you are still having problems, please call us at 800-223-5897. The Doc-Box® is the only permit box guaranteed not to leak.

I see other permit boxes out there to choose from. What makes the Doc-Box® special?

The Doc-Box® is the original permit posting system created nearly 30 years ago. No other permit box has been around that long or has such a steadfast track record! The Doc-Box® has been field tested and proven nationwide and internationally. It is very easy to install and comes with your mounting hardware and pushpins. The Doc-Box® is the only guaranteed weatherproof line of permit boxes with a variety of weatherproof document systems to meet all construction and job-site needs.

How do I install the Doc-Box®?

All of our Doc-Boxes® are pre-molded on the back to fit a standard 4 x 4 post. They also all come with the mounting hardware and push pins. (Doc-Boxes will also mount to a wall.)

How do I clean the front of my All-Weather Bulletin Board?

Use only a soft cloth and mild soap to clean the cover. Do not use any abrasive cleaners; they will scratch your cover!

How do I mount my All-Weather Bulletin Board?

Please view the Mounting Instructions located inside your box. You can also download the instructions here.

What if I have a custom product I need made or a new idea to improve the Doc-Box®?

We are always looking for new product ideas, as well as ways to improve our current products. Please contact us at 800-223-5897 or email us at with any suggestions or ideas. We welcome and listen to all comments and suggestions.

Where do I buy the post for the Doc-Box® or the All-Weather Bulletin Boards?

You should be able to find a 4x4 post at your local hardware store. The Doc-Box® and the All Weather Bulletin Board come with the mounting hardware, but do not include a post.

Can the All Weather Bulletin Boards be mounted horizontally as well as vertically and still be weatherproof?

Yes; however, you must mount it with the lock on the bottom.